Banned from warriorforum.com again (oh well)

September 16, 2011

Yup, I was banned from the warrior forum yesterday for replying to Don Alm on his post about baloons.  He suggested that he place balloons at a bakery and sell them along with b-day cakes.  I chimed in and stated that ballons were big business and their were multiple ways to make money with balloons.  As an example I suggested that Don Alm could wear clown shoes and a clown nose and also do kids partys!
Just as an example, I show in the photo below how easy of a transformation going from Don Alm to Donald the clown would be.
What do you think?

BTW parody photos are o.k.


Don Alm "the broke ass clown!"


Outstanding post on Don Alm Gordon!

February 26, 2011


This post defines what I have been suggesting for years Gordon!

Up until this post, you ( or other mods) have defended Don Alm for the sake of the traffic he “ruffles” on sowpub.com.

I guess we shall see what we shall see.

Does this mean that I ( in Don Alm speak “little ol’ me”) will be able to post again to expose Don Alm for who he is when he shows his narcissistic behaviors?

I will leave that up to you.

If you care to chime in as to why you decide to ban me Gordon, feel free, as I am a curious bird as to why I get banned from your fourm for stating what you have in the above post.

To peace and good health, respond away!


sowpub.com loves Don Alm

February 19, 2011

Very interesting that even though they have a no insults or personal attacks policy on that board (the policy they claim to have banned me for)
They allow their Sweetie Pie (A.K.A. Don Alm ) to post insults and personal attacks against “little ‘ol me” and I can’t even defend myself on their turf.

Whatever, Sowpub and its lover boy who is telling yet another lie can be happily married ever after for all I care.
Enjoy your fate Gordo!


Don Alm….. Why Lie?

February 1, 2011

Why pretend you have done so many of these things?  Why not just tell the truth and say I called “company x” and this is how they told me they do it?

Didn’t your mother teach you that one lie leads to another?



Don Alm Takes his toys and goes home…..

December 14, 2010

AGAIN!  Wow, this dude sure has some emotional issues that I wish him the best in dealing with. 

Could be a movie.  there has been “The 40 Year Old Virgin” that did quite well

Why not make one called  “The 70 Year Old Baby” ?  Who knows, could be a huge hit as Don Alm is certainly entertaining

 If you are a fan of  “Don Alm” , don’t worry, he will pop up again at another forum and try to control the house.

Best wishes in the future Don Alm.

Your Friend,



Don Alm Calls 99 year old woman at 10:40 pm!

October 15, 2010

Here is the story…….

My great- great aunt who will turn 99 next month still lives in her home by herself.  She, for what ever reason, won’t get a life line thing to push a button and get help.  (You know, the I have fallen and can’t get up thingee)

I had an idea one day that I thought would work perfectly for her!

I used my wifes old cell phone and got a different number to serve her in the event she needed anything.  The phone is on a lainyard and it is on her or on her walking cart all of the time.

I just visited her today and she told me someone called her at 11:00 pm the other night asking for Jason! (knowing my online name is Jason) I said what?  I checked the phones history and sure enough, there is Don Alms phone # that recorded an incomming call at 10:40 pm.

What kind of person calls anyone at 10:40 pm looking for another guy to chat with?

You are one sick S.O.B. Don Alm

This person is 99 years old you freakin’ pile of scum!

I forgive you but please seek help for your addictions!

I have given you a # to call me anytime you want!

If you would like to call me at 10:40 p.m. or 2:40 a.m., feel free!

I do request that you respect your elders and not waken folks that are 99 years old at 10:40 p.m. with a phone call!

Here is the number you can call me at anytime Don!

(541) 375-0328

Your friend Jason


Come on Don Alm Stealing 4X in one day!

October 14, 2010

You have changed the image on your www.midasreports.com 3 times today to try and avoid your fate!

I have a near photographic memory, wich serves bad for a thief like yourself!

With your lates, are you trying to say you are working with

www.mobilecoupons.com or are you just stealing another image that you will use to market your Minusreports?

Proof is in the pudding folks!

Heres the pudding!

Don Alm is a thief!  Each and every image I showed today he has taken from someones website and used to pretend he knows what he is doing

No Worries Don, I am certain that Obama will help a guy like you that is getting screwed by the laws of the land!

You are a joke!   Just like your Midas Reports!

Later Dude!

+++++++++++++UPDATE per Don Alms request+++++++++++++

Below is another image right clicked from someone elses website!

Why do you want me to keep showing you are a thief as well as the fact that you don’t care because you have AN ENTITLEMENT mentality?

If I see you at Wal-Mart, would you give me a sticker?